Huntington Luncheon Club was started over 30 years ago to benefit elderly people in our community by providing a cooked lunch every week, where 24 invited people who live on their own can meet and enjoy not only food, but each other’s company. For many who come the friendship and fellowship is as important as the meal.

It meets every Thursday at Huntington Methodist Church and is open to people of any or no religion. Good Neighbours help to provide the transport. Although it is held on Methodist premises, it is a community project.

The idea is simple and has hardly changed. We have a six week rota and each week there are a team of five volunteers who either cook or help to serve and wash up.

We now find ourselves short of people who are willing to cook a main course on a regular basis. Cooks can either cook at home or use the fully equipped chapel kitchen . It may be that two people could share the cooking of the main course. This used to happen in the early days and works well.