When we gather to worship, we are keen to remember and celebrate God’s presence, love  and activity in our lives and in our world.

Our services are led by our minister, or be a ‘local preacher’ (a non-ordained person who has been trained to preach and lead worship.)

We have a range of approaches to worship – sometime quite formal at other times much more informal – but always seeking to offer time to:

  • praise God and thank Him for all;
  • say sorry for things in our lives and in our world that are wrong and seek God’s forgiveness;
  • study the Bible
  • pray for the needs of the world.

Sometimes the service will include Holy Communion – where we remember how Jesus shared bread and wine with his friends.

We also sometimes offer prayers for healing where people can have individual prayer for a personal need or on behalf of a loved one.

In all our services we seek to draw close to God and know Him drawing close to us.