UPDATE: Here are the links to the resources mentions in this week’s stream:

The GodVenture resources are available here: https://godventure.co.uk/product/holy-week-box-free-downloads/

Nidd Valley are doing daily prayers and a daily godly play reflection on their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/NiddValley/

This week’s stream can be accessed here: https://youtu.be/eh6zm4884is

You may wish to print and decorate the donkey mask found on this website https://maskspot.com/download/donkey-mask/ and use it throughout the service as we will be exploring the story of Palm Sunday, where Jesus rides in to Jerusalem on a donkey. You may also wish to make some palm branches to wave during the second hymn as you process round your house – instructions can be found here http://www.dltk-bible.com/crafts/mpalm.htm.

Unfortunately the guidelines for COVID-19 prevent us from distributing Palm Crosses this year, but you may have kept your Palm Cross from last year, or you could make one out of materials you have at home using these instructions https://mommysnippets.com/paper-palm-crosses/.

There are instructions on this website for making a Palm Sunday garland for your door: https://thedeaconsbench.com/a-beautiful-idea-for-palm-sunday/?fbclid=IwAR2AzNM3LM9gFuIb1tcvpqjx26nhpbvpJmSHHOc9PJXlO_P8xu3Koof_A2k

Thank you to Karen Langtree for allowing us to use her book Heaven’s BIG Secret . We are once again grateful to to www.rootsontheweb.com for giving permission to use their resources, and to Lost Sheep AU for allowing us to use their resources. Some of the music this week is taken from iSingWorship – all rights reserved.